Waterfall & Elephants

A perfect day between waterfall & elephants in Cambodia

Informations day trip


1 day


Katieng waterfall
Elephants place
Mountain of Gems


25$ per person
+ 30 $/hour with elepant

Let's go to discover elephant & waterfall!

The Itinerary waterfall & elephants

The day trip start at 8:30am
After a good breakfast at the Nature House Eco-Lodge or at the Quiet Garden View Lodge, you will go with our drivers for the Katieng waterfall.
This waterfall is famous for the cave behind the water and the possibility of deep and pleasant swimming.

Around 9:30 am, go to the elephants!
Along with well-trained mahuts, you will washing, feeding or ride on elephant as they want to…

You probably have heard that Ratanakiri means ‘Mountain of Gems’, and you probably have had the opportunity to buy the province’s most famous product. Now you can see how the gems are found. Mining has been illegal DATE, but hopeful resident re-enter abandoned shafts in search of something left behind.


The tour includes:



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A unique adventure in Banlung!


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