Waterfalls, Yeak loam lake & ​Gem​ mine​ area​

Discover and swim in the Katieng, Kachanh, Cha Aung Waterfalls & Yeak loam lake

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1 day


Katieng waterfall
Kachanh waterfall
Cha Aung waterfall
Yeak loam lake
​Gem​ mine​ area​


25$ per person

Let's go to swimming!

The Itinerary waterfalls,​ Yeak​ Loam​ Lake​ & ​Gem​ mine​ area​

The day trip start at 8:30am
After a good breakfast at the Nature House Eco-Lodge or at the Quiet Garden View Lodge, you will go with our drivers for the Katieng waterfall.
This waterfall is famous for the cave behind the water and the possibility of deep and pleasant swimming.

Around 9:30 am you will be driven to Kachanh waterfall. Beautiful trails and an exciting swing walkway create a magical moment.

Around 10:30 am, you will depart for Cha Aung Waterfall. This is the biggest waterfall we will see today.

Finally, we head to Yeak loam, a crater lake located in the sacred land of Tampoun.

After that you can buy and have a good lunch, restaurants are ready to serve you!
You can walk around the lake (about two kilometers) on a perfectly clean path before swimming in the deep and clean waters of the lake.

Afterwards, a few shopkeepers will offer to sell you tribal crafts.We can stay here as long as you wish, home is only 10 minutes away.

The tour includes:





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